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August 26, 2008

Rizal Law: Do we need it?

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I would first of all, want to refresh your memory on how this law came to be and how much sacrifices were made in order to have this law implemented. The implementation of this law was not approved due to whim or without any basis on why this law should have been passed. I would like to mention some of the things that were brought up during the time when this law was being desperately passed to the Senate by Mr. Claro M. Recto. He even made very good points that could further strengthen the need of this republic act. Here are just some of the points that he brought up that solidified the necessity of this law. One is that this law would help awaken the passion that the Filipinos feel for their country and further fight for the good of the country. Another is that through the implementation of this law, our fellowmen would be able to see how much we are blinded by foreigners, especially the Americans, and how much colonial mentality has taken over the lives of the people. Still, another is that through studying the works of Rizal, Filipinos would have a sense of accomplishment and they would feel very proud of their country and their heritage, which would lead to nationalism and unification of the country.

Being a true Filipino, I am glad and proud to say that through studying the works of Rizal, my sense of nationalism was awakened and I don’t feel ashamed of my race. With this, I would like to state that I am for this particular law because of all the benefits that it can give to the country. It is also important, I believe, for a country to not forget the culture and heritage that they have through the years, but rather treasure the history of the country to help make the country better for the next generation. Rizal said that “He who does not know how to look back at where he came from will never get to his destination.” This means that as Filipinos, we should learn what really happened in the past, in the eyes of a true Filipino and not based on what the foreigners saw and experience. We should know all the facts of the past to be able to become better people and improve our flaws. He also said that “The youth is the hope of our future”. If the youth today do not understand or even know what happened in the past, how could they learn from these mistakes and make sure that these mistakes don’t happen again? “Man works for an object. Remove that object and you reduce him into inaction.” This means that if we do disregard the Rizal law, what motivation can the people have to fight for the country? How can the citizens of our country be nationalistic if we don’t know what we are fighting for and why we are fighting?

The writings, works and life of Rizal can still be applied to our lives today. Although you say that we have evolved and that we have grown, the fact of the matter is, is that no matter what time period and what situation you are in, the lessons and morals that we can learn from Rizal is universal. There will always be a Padre Damaso or Padre Salvi in our lives even if they aren’t Fryars. There will always be an Elias, who would always fight for the good of the country. These people are just symbols of what is happening everyday in our lives and that these symbolisms are timeless. This is very important not only to students but to all Filipinos, may it be a poor Filipino or the president of the country. We learn so much because of this law and it would just be a waste to remove this from our lives.

These are just some of the reasons as to why we should not remove the Rizal Law and I hope that you see the importance that this law has on our country. Keep in mind that there are more benefits of having this law that to not have it at all. Why deprive the Filipinos of a chance to know more about our national hero? Even if you say that they can study this on their own, how would they know if no one ever tells them about this? Please think before you make any rash decisions about this subject. I know that you will make the right one.


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  1. where did you find the information about recto?
    please tell me I am currently taking kaspil1 and cannot find reliable sources with information about him

    Comment by yokishko — January 18, 2009 @ 10:21 am

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